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Can I Get a Divorce Online?

Sep 17, 2018   ·   3 minute read

Evolve divorce solicitors are pleased to announce that Evolve is working with the Court service as part of a pilot scheme where the Court processes divorce applications online. Before Evolve Family Law joined the Court online divorce pilot project divorce, petitions had to be sent to the Court by post. That meant that even if the contents of the divorce paperwork had been sent to a client by secure online email for approval there was then a wait to get the petition and documents sent to the Court with the vagaries of the postal system. There were then further delays each time additional documents had to be sent to the Court by post. Not being able to get divorced online was frustrating to both Evolve divorce solicitors and divorcees. Evolve Family Law prides itself on using technology in a savvy but client friendly way and divorcees just want to get divorced as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss. Now with Evolve divorce solicitors participating in the divorce online pilot project there won’t be the old excuse that the post hasn’t arrived at the Court, resulting in speedier and less stressful divorce proceedings.

The initial feedback on the Court service online divorce service is that the online divorce process is simpler and streamlined as a result of the over 1 billion pound investment into the justice system to reform and modernise it.

A personal online divorce 

Some people are wary of online divorce thinking that it might be rather impersonal. That’s not the case with Evolve divorce solicitors. We meet with you to discuss your family circumstances and can provide information about reconciliation services, the option of separation with a separation agreement or commencing divorce proceedings.  We recognise that every family is different and that’s why families need bespoke advice about the timing and jurisdiction for divorce proceedings. The pilot project for online divorce just makes the divorce proceedings less stressful once you have made the decision that divorce is the right option for you.

What about the children and dividing the money?

If you can’t reach an agreement over the day to day care arrangements for your children or over who should get the house or pension then you or your spouse can still make an application to a local family Court for a judge to make a decision. It is only the divorce proceedings that are sorted out online by the Court’s pilot project.

How much does a divorce cost?

If you decide that you want to get divorced and ask us to start the divorce proceedings for you then the cost of the divorce is £1,222. That includes the Court fee of £550 and VAT and assumes that the divorce isn’t contested by your spouse and he or she lives in England. For information and advice on divorce proceedings please call me on +44 (0) 1477 464020 or by email at

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