During the first week in March, myself and my co-founder at Evolve Family Law, Louise Halford, gave a talk to some of the A-level students at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive. Our aim with the talk (and we hope that it will be the first in a series) was to give the students an insight into the world of work and explain why it is so important for them to study hard and do well, namely so that they can end up earning a living from doing something they love! We also talked about how we became lawyers, how we developed our careers and why we decided to set up our own law firm.

Why are we doing this? Well, we both felt that we would have benefitted a lot from this kind of real world advice when we were that age, and we want to give something back to the Holmes Chapel community which has been so supportive and welcoming ever since we arrived a year ago.

We are offering appointments via phone and video call

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