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Amicable Divorce – One Lawyer Divorce Service

Are you and your husband or wife agreed on a no-fault divorce but just need some help in sorting out a fair divorce financial settlement or child residence and contact arrangements that work for all of the family?

Our experienced Divorce Solicitors provide a one-lawyer divorce service offering an amicable and cost-effective approach to helping you and your ex-partner resolve your divorce, financial settlement, and the future parenting arrangements for your children together.

With many years of experience in helping separating families, we don’t think like the vast majority of Divorce Solicitors. We want to help you reach an agreement, avoiding Court wherever possible. An amicable divorce is a realistic option for many couples who want to focus on separating with the minimum of fuss and legal bills, giving you more time and money to spend on your family.

We’re proud of our practical approach to the complexities of family law. We focus on what can be agreed upon to help you move on to the next chapter of your life with dignity.

The One Lawyer Divorce Service

One lawyer divorce means a husband and wife or two civil partners can consult one lawyer about their relationship breakdown, sorting out no-fault divorce or dissolution proceedings, recording the residence and contact arrangements for their children in a parenting plan, or obtaining a financial court Order after having reached a financial settlement.

You do not necessarily need to be in complete agreement over the future parenting of your children or the shape and scope of the divorce financial settlement to use our one-lawyer divorce service. We can help you reach an agreement and sort out all the necessary legal paperwork. For example, your final order of divorce or your financial court Order and pension sharing annex.

Why Choose Our One Lawyer Divorce Service

Ask yourself if you want your divorce lawyer to repeat what you want or if you want a Divorce Solicitor to tell you what the likely outcome will be if you go to Court and ask a judge to make a financial court Order or child arrangement Order. All too often expensive Court proceedings are started in the hope of what you might get rather than looking at things objectively from the outset of your separation or divorce.

If you want one lawyer to cut out the flannel and hype and tell you and your former partner the same information about the family Court process, then our one-lawyer divorce service may be the right option for you and your family.

The advantages of using our one-lawyer divorce service are:

  • You get one experienced divorce lawyer giving each of you the same information and advice
  • It is cheaper to pay one divorce lawyer rather than two
  • You are focussed on reaching an agreement
  • One lawyer prepares the legal paperwork (such as the no-fault divorce proceedings, financial court Order, or parenting plan) making sure the documents reflect your agreement

How the one lawyer divorce service works

The one-lawyer divorce process starts with you and your ex-partner having a separate meeting with your Divorce Solicitor to make sure using Evolve’s one-lawyer divorce service is suitable for you both.

Once we have confirmed that using our one-lawyer divorce service is right for both of you, the exact process depends on whether you are sorting out a no-fault divorce, child residence or contact, or a divorce financial settlement. Joint meetings will be held to discuss and agree next steps in order for you to resolve matters and reach agreement together.

Not sure if our one-lawyer divorce service is right for you?

Don’t worry if you are not sure whether our one-lawyer divorce service is right for you. Our friendly divorce experts will discuss all your options including solicitor negotiations, mediation support, collaborative law, arbitration and traditional Court proceedings.

Our one-lawyer divorce service may be a good fit for you if you and your ex are:

  • Wanting to work together to resolve your separation amicably
  • Can have direct and honest discussions
  • There is trust and a commitment to sort out the relationship breakdown openly, transparently and cost-effectively