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Clean Break Orders or Financial Consent Orders

Have you negotiated a financial settlement direct or in family mediation? Not sure about your next steps? The expert divorce solicitors at Evolve Family Law can convert your agreement into a binding Financial Court Order to protect you.

Protecting you

You may think that you don’t need a Court Order as you have a financial agreement with your ex-partner. However, without the security of a financial consent Court Order, you risk financial claims being made against you. The divorce and financial settlement experts at Evolve Family Law can help you secure a financial consent Order to give you peace of mind and financial security.


Partners Robin Charrot and Louise Halford, lead a team of expert divorce and family law solicitors who will protect your interests and help you achieve a fair and agreed financial settlement and financial consent Order.


The importance of expert divorce financial settlement legal advice

Whilst you may think that you don’t need expert divorce financial settlement advice because you think you can reach a financial settlement, it is best to ensure that your financial settlement is in your best interests, assets have been properly valued, that a financial consent Order is obtained that accurately reflects your agreement and that protects you.


Our expert divorce and financial settlement solicitors can help you with:

  • Mediation support to help you through the family mediation process and reach an agreed financial settlement. If you reach agreement in mediation, we can convert your memorandum of understanding into a financial consent Order.
  • Financial disclosure advice so you know what financial disclosure you should see or your financial settlement solicitor should carefully consider before you reach a financial settlement.
  • Valuation information so you know which assets may need to be formally valued by an expert. For example, the family business, the family home, or a pension. Many people think it isn’t necessary to value a business or a pension but you may not reach a fair financial consent Order unless you know what assets are worth.
  • Converting a separation agreement into a financial consent Order – this is necessary to implement any agreed pension sharing Order or to provide you with financial security.
  • Securing your financial consent Order if you recorded a financial agreement in a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement.
  • Preparing the agreed financial consent Order and financial statement of information and submitting the paperwork to Court.
  • Advising on the benefits of a clean break financial Order to prevent your former husband, wife or civil partner being able to bring any further financial claims, such as an application for spousal maintenance or to capitalise spousal maintenance.
  • Making sure your agreed financial consent Order reflects your wishes and is enforceable. For example, ensuring that the proposed pension sharing Order is approved by the pension administrator and is implemented by them or that the Order is consistent with company documents for the sale or transfer of the family business or that there is a Court mechanism in the financial consent Order to achieve the sale of the family home.

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