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If you’re thinking about separating or getting divorced, divorce coaching can help you through the divorce process.

Our specialist divorce and family law solicitors, led by partners Louise Halford and Robin Charrot, regularly work with divorce coaches to ensure you have the best support you need to help you through your divorce. That’s because divorce and reaching a financial settlement or parenting arrangement isn’t all about legal expertise – it is also about you and your emotions and feelings.

On your side

Divorce solicitors and divorce coaches share a common goal – they are both on your side, working to do the very best they can for you. Whilst a divorce solicitor focuses on the legal bits, your  family law legal rights and getting you the best financial settlement or a child arrangement order that meets your needs, a divorce coach gives you the confidence to work out what you want and to tell your solicitor.


Helping with the difficult bits

Whether it is worry about how you will cope as a single parent, or the thought that you may have to move house, or not get to see your children every day, a divorce coach can help you with all the difficult bits that can seem insurmountable. With the help of a divorce coach, you can break things down to manageable bits and reach a resolution that might otherwise have seemed impossible.


Why you should consider divorce coaching

Louise Halford and Robin Charrot are passionate about people being empowered to make their own decisions after separation to reach the best resolutions for them on divorcefinancial settlement and children law options.

Seeing a divorce coach should be recognised as the positive step it is – getting the right help and support when you need it.


Divorce Coaching Support


Getting divorced is often an extremely stressful time when your self-esteem and confidence can be at an all-time low. You may feel uncertain and apprehensive about what the future may bring. You may be wrestling with conflicting emotions, such as grief, anger, disbelief, or resentment.


When you feel overwhelmed by the many decisions you are having to make and the changes that are occurring in your life, you can feel stuck and unable to make decisions or regret your decisions. Whilst a divorce coach can’t wave a magic wand, they can be the difference between a ‘good divorce’ where you feel supported and in control and a bad divorce where you are really struggling to come to terms with what is happening.


At Evolve Family Law we are determined that everyone going through a separation, divorce or trying to sort out a financial settlement or childcare arrangements should have divorce coach support they need.


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