Islamic Divorce

Islamic Divorce Solicitors with Sharia Law Divorce and Family Law Expertise

If you need divorce or family law advice you want an expert who respects your faith and understands Sharia law but who can also give you the expert help you need on UK civil divorce, child custody and contact and financial settlements.

The specialist team of experienced divorce solicitors are here to support you through your divorce and family law issues with expertise delivered with a personal approach.

Respecting you

At the core of our philosophy is listening to what our clients want and respecting their faith, culture and traditions whilst offering expert legal advice on divorce and family law issues. We believe in working with you to achieve a solution that works for you and your family.

Protecting you 

Whatever your situation, when you are separating or getting divorced, you need legal protection. At  Evolve Family Law, partners Robin Charrot and Louise Halford, lead a team of expert divorce and family law solicitors who are dedicated to protecting your interests; whether that is securing your divorce, preventing child abduction, advising you on relocation overseas with your children after a separation or divorce or achieving a fair financial settlement.

On your side 

When you are divorcing it can feel as if the whole world is against you. The one thing that you can be sure of is that Evolve Family Law is on your side giving you the proactive and expert Sharia divorce law advice you need combined with advice on UK divorce, children, and financial options.

Why Do I Need a Sharia Law Divorce Solicitor?

Unfortunately, many marriages can and do break down and when they do you need someone who understands what is important to you, including Islamic principles and a Muslim divorce. You want a divorce expert who appreciates the significance of reaching a childcare agreement and financial settlement in accordance with Sharia law and the implications of UK civil law.

Islamic divorce and family law services

Our expert divorce and family law solicitors can help you with:

  • The legal recognition of an Islamic marriage and Nikah in the UK court – this can have a major impact on any financial settlement.
  • Advice on whether UK divorce court proceedings are necessary.
  • The Islamic UK divorce – the Talaq and the Khula and Faskh.
  • Advice on the Nikah Nama and Mahr.
  • Advice on children law court jurisdiction and the habitual residence of a child.
  • Children law and child abduction law services including where there are concerns that a child may be taken overseas to live or on holiday without the other parent’s agreement.
  • Children relocation Orders.
  • Child arrangement Orders.
  • International family law
  • Prenuptial agreements .

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