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Expert family lawyers and divorce solicitors – we are a trusted first choice

Evolve Family Law offers a real alternative to the large commercial firms you’ll find in Manchester city centre. We strive to be approachable and accessible, we know family law inside out, but we’re not divorce divas.

Specialist family law solicitors in Manchester and Cheshire

Set up by Louise Halford and Robin Charrot in 2015, Evolve Family Law does things a little differently. We are passionate about our family lawyers being approachable whilst delivering expert divorce and family law legal advice. Our divorce and family law team will support you through your separation or divorce using their wealth of experience and expertise to guide you to your new beginning.

With one of our offices located in leafy, rural Cheshire, and the other in the North Manchester suburbs, we have truly been able to remove ourselves from that problematic mindset of quantity over quality.

Sometimes other firms can leave individuals feeling like just any other case, another file in the stack. We have the time and space to take a more considered approach. Furthermore, we no longer have to work within the restrictive and stifling confines of big firm procedures.

Our mission and vision as family law solicitors

To be the most trusted and your first choice family law solicitors in Manchester and Cheshire for anyone going through relationship changes. We are a team of committed, positive and supportive people who will use our wealth of experience, expertise and passion to guide you to your new beginning.

The Evolve Approach

Our solicitors are listeners first and foremost. They won’t rush you or pressure you in any way. We know that changes in personal relationships can often be incredibly emotional, with feelings running high on either side of the dispute. That is particularly the case when children are involved.

Once our solicitors have gathered all the information they need from a client, their focus turns to providing guidance in an approachable and accessible manner. At Evolve, we break down the complex and often confusing minefield of family law. We carefully draw out the information that is relevant for our client, taking the time to explain any difficult or convoluted language. We want you to feel totally confident that you know exactly what’s going on with your case at all times. Evolve won’t leave you in the dark.

Getting in touch with Evolve Family Law couldn’t be easier!

There’s a few ways you can contact us

Call us today on 0345 222 8222

As Cheshire and Manchester family law solicitors, we certainly have the specialist legal knowledge to handle your case. Unencumbered by the overheads and bureaucracy of larger commercial firms, we are able to offer our expert family law advice at reasonable prices. We will always strive to offer value money and offer many of our services with fixed fees.

Evolve’s smaller size means that we develop real, caring relationships with our clients. We are invested in you as an individual and want to help you secure the best possible outcome for your unique family circumstances. That means providing you with the necessary guidance and advice to make the informed choices that will impact your life for years to come.

Trusted by our clients

Really blown away by the dedication and responsiveness I experienced with Evolve Family Law. Chris Strogen helped us through a difficult situation with his skill, professionalism, patience and support. Every query and detail was explained no matter how small. I can't recommend this company enough when it comes to value and service. I approached other firms but they wanted to charge at least double the amount quoted (accurately) by Evolve Family Law. I'd use this company again in a heartbeat.

Verified Client

A really great service from Robin and the team who helped my draft a prenuptial agreement in record time, explaining everything thoroughly and allowing me the appropriate cooling off period whilst also forging ahead with my wedding. Robin was friendly, professional and clearly has extensive knowledge on this subject. Very glad he was representing me and not the other side. Hopefully a document that will never have to be used but glad I did so with Robin in my corner.

Verified Client

I cannot thank Evolve Law enough for helping me through my divorce and financial settlement.
I worked with Robin, who was professional and wonderful throughout.
He and the rest of the team made a potentially very tricky situation, that much easier.
Great value for money too. I can't recommend the firm highly enough.

Jo from Cheadle

I just wanted to drop an email to thank you for all your support and work involved in my divorce case.
When I first came to meet you to discuss the case, I knew you were the right person for me and very approachable and realistic from the outset.
Things that really made a difference were your response times, your advice, being contactable, listening and most of all being a genuine human being.
Thank you so much.

SH, Cheshire

Handling International Cases

At Evolve, our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, both within the UK and elsewhere in the world. We might be small but we have a big reach! Evolve’s solicitors have plenty of experience in dealing with family law cases that have an international aspect to them. For example, we have the required technical knowledge to successfully tackle cases of child abduction and other scenarios which involve multiple jurisdictions, like financial settlements.

Some of our clients are married and others aren’t, and we work with both heterosexual and same-sex couples. Whether you’re contemplating a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement, considering a divorce or negotiating child custody, arranging your will or estate planning, we’re here to help. Think of us as your trusted relationship advisor, more than just a family law solicitor.