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Divorce in Retirement and Later Life Divorce

If you’re separating or getting divorced and you or your partner are retired or reaching retirement age special considerations apply. You need expert later life divorce advice to secure the best outcome for you.

Getting divorced at any age is difficult. At Evolve Family Law we recognise that later life divorce raises special areas of concern. Our expert divorce and family law solicitors make sure that you get the specialist legal advice you need tailored to your financial and personal circumstances, including your age.

At Evolve Family Law, partners Robin Charrot and Louise Halford, lead a team of dedicated family law solicitors trained to give expert legal advice on later life divorce and its particular complexities. At Evolve we make sure we combine expertise with empathy to achieve legal advice with a personal approach.

Why Do I Need an Expert Later Life Divorce Solicitor?

Unfortunately, marriages can break down at any stage. A separation is heart breaking whether you have been married thirty or forty years or if you have separated after a second or third marriage. Many assume that any divorce solicitor can help them but an expert later life divorce solicitor can focus on special considerations such as:

  • Are divorce proceedings in your interests because of the way your finances are structured. If you do not plan to remarry is a separation agreement the best option for you instead of a divorce?
  • Are either of you retired? Is a pension in payment? How can equality of pension provision be achieved? Is a pension sharing order in your best interests or would spousal maintenance be best for you?
  • Do you both receive state retirement pension and if so, can this be shared?
  • Do you or your partner own a family business? Do you have a business exit strategy and how will the divorce impact on that?
  • Will a separation or divorce impact on your plans to retire early? How will you fund your retirement if family assets, including pensions, will be shared?
  • When agreeing a financial settlement are there any health issues that may impact on the financial settlement. For example, your income or earnings capacity may be compromised.
  • What are your housing plans? Will either of you be able to secure a mortgage to help buy a new property? Will a reduced mortgage term make the monthly mortgage payments prohibitive?
  • Do you need to change your will or power of attorney or rethink your inheritance tax strategy?
  • If children have taken sides because of the separation, do you need advice on grandparent contact so you can see your grandchildren?


Looking at all these aspects, and others, makes sure that you are protected during your separation or divorce by a later life divorce expert.

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