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Jewish Divorce and Family Law Expertise

Whatever your religious beliefs, culture, and traditions the decision to separate or get divorced is an enormous step to take. At Evolve Family Law our Whitefield Manchester divorce solicitors provide expert divorce, children law and financial settlement advice with a personal approach.

Understanding what is important to you

At the heart of what we do is listening. You will find many Manchester divorce solicitors who will rush to give you legal advice but we take the time to understand what is important to you. That may be achieving a Jewish divorce or your priority may be to stay at the family home or keep the family business. We work with you to find out what is important to you and to help you achieve those goals.

Protecting you

You may think that you don’t need protection but if you are getting divorced or are in a family law situation you need someone on your side to give expert legal advice and to ensure that any agreement reached is fair and workable and meets your needs. At  Evolve Family Law, partners Robin Charrot and Louise Halford, lead a team of expert divorce and family law solicitors who will protect your interests; whether that is securing your Get, sorting out child contact or achieving a fair financial settlement.

The importance of Jewish Divorce Legal Advice

Whilst you can explain what you need and want it is easier if your divorce solicitor specialises in Jewish divorce. That way your Whitefield divorce solicitor understands what you need and can work with you to achieve it; whether it is your Get or reaching a financial settlement that enables you to stay in the family home or having the security of a child arrangement Order.

Jewish divorce and family law services

Our expert divorce and family law solicitors can help you with:

  • Securing your Get as without your Get our divorce solicitors appreciate you are left in limbo, unable to remarry under Jewish law or have more children in lawful Jewish wedlock.
  •  Advising on the timing of your Get and the completion of civil divorce proceedings so they run in tandem.
  • Looking at your options where a husband refuses to provide the Get or prevaricates. For example, use of Section 10a of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 to apply to delay a final divorce Order until your Get is pronounced.
  • Enforcing Orders to secure your Get.
  • Advising on children law issues with expertise with families with international connections. Our children law solicitors can help with relocation Orders for within the UK and overseas as well as fears over child abduction and the securing of child arrangement Orders and prohibited steps Orders.
  • Advising on financial settlements after a separation or divorce with expertise in resolving financial claims involving a family business or trust or where the husband and wife signed a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement or where there is an international aspect with assets held or transferred overseas.