The opening of the European borders, greater freedom of movement between global nations, and a decrease in the amount it costs to travel from one country to another means that people are increasingly likely to travel abroad to work and live. Doing so can mean a massive upheaval, and it may mean a lot of paperwork and administrative work, just to get the appropriate bank accounts and to register your details here or overseas.

International Family Law

International family law is a specific area of law that deals with cross border family law issues. Whether you have moved to the UK and already have a custody or access order in place from your home country, or you are looking to move abroad and want advice on whether you can transfer existing orders with you when you move, it is important that you receive suitable legal advice to ensure a smooth move and transition from one country to the next.

A Small World

The world is getting smaller. The Internet means that everybody is connected, while everything from global communication to flights are getting cheaper. It is even possible to work remotely and not necessarily from the same country as your employer is established. The smaller world in which we live offers greater benefit and opportunity, but this also means that there are additional challenges that many people have to face.

Child Abduction And Child Cases

Some issues may arise when attempting to move abroad, that are not desirable. For example, if a former spouse and parent of your child, believes that you have moved without appropriate consent or permission, then they may attempt to claim a child abduction case against you. Child abduction is taken seriously, and the existence of international treaties like the Hague Convention, mean that it is possible for parents that believe they have been wronged in this way to fight the removal of their child overseas.

If you’re interested in finding out more on this issue, read our blog: ‘Child abduction: Why it pays to get legal advice before you take children to or out of the UK’.

Other Family Law Considerations


Other areas of family law may also need looking into if you relocate, or have already relocated to the UK. For example, divorce jurisdictions, and whether or not the host country even recognised your marriage should all be among the list of considerations that you have. An international family law specialist will be able to advise and to help you to ensure that you are legally covered.

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