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How much does a divorce cost?

May 23, 2018   ·   4 minute read

You’d be right to think that this simple question deserves a straightforward reply but very few law firms publish price information on their websites. Evolve Family Law is one of the first law firms to publish fixed family law fees so clients have an idea of costs before calling or emailing us.

The cost of divorce proceedings

If you want to start divorce proceedings and your husband or wife agrees to the divorce, then the costs will be £1,222. There are no hidden extras – that includes the VAT and the Court fees (payable to the government) of £550.

If you think your divorce might be a bit complicated, for example because:

  • You don’t know where your husband or wife is living;
  • Your spouse lives abroad;
  • It is possible that either you or your spouse could issue divorce proceedings in more than one country;
  • Your spouse won’t agree to a divorce or won’t complete the forms.

Give us a call and we can talk through your options and the costs based on our hourly rates. Again, unlike most other law firms in the North West, we are not shy about publishing hourly rates in our pricing guide.

The cost of getting an agreed Financial Court Order

If you have already reached a financial agreement either direct with your spouse or through mediation you will need the protection of a Financial Court Order. Evolve Family Law can prepare an Order for from £866 .That’s the price inclusive of VAT and Court fees for a straight forward Financial Court Order.

Our pricing guide details the range of fixed fees for financial orders, as the amount of work required, and therefore the fixed fee, depends on the complexity of the finances and pensions.

Transparency and fees

When Evolve Family Law was set up in 2015 Louise Halford and I didn’t want to create ‘’just another law firm’’. Both of us have many years of family law experience in working at top city centre law firms and knew that we wanted Evolve Family Law to be different. Our vision was to put clients (and not the fees) at the heart of what we do by being trusted legal advisors, charging a fair and transparent level of fees.

What does that the pricing guide mean for you?

It means you get bespoke advice tailored to your personal situation at a cost that you can understand. What do I mean by that? To give examples:

  • I met someone who was thinking about starting divorce proceedings. I talked to him and realised that he didn’t actually want a divorce and there was no legal or financial reason to push ahead with one. Better for the client to wait until he was ready, whether that is in a few weeks, or a couple of years’ time.   That is fine by me and he knows that I will help when he is ready to get divorced;
  • One lady was clear she wanted a divorce. She knew from the outset that her divorce would cost her £1,222. That meant she could budget for the costs, without worrying about how much her legal costs might add up to;
  • I met a client who was worried about her children and money. I established that she or her husband could start divorce proceedings in more than one country and the choice of country in which the divorce proceedings were started could have a big impact on the financial settlement. For her it was important to start the Court proceedings quickly to protect her financial position.

Every divorce is different but our fixed fees and pricing guide are published to give you an idea of the costs involved so that you can contact us with confidence.

If you are contemplating a separation or a divorce and want to discuss your options and costs then please give me a call on +44 (0) 1477 464020 or email me at