How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

May 18, 2023   ·   4 minute read
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You would be right to think that the simple question ‘how much does a divorce cost?’ deserves a straightforward reply. However, very few law firms publish price information on their websites. Evolve Family Law was one of the first law firms to publish fixed family law and divorce fees so clients get an idea of costs before calling or emailing us.

For expert advice on divorce and family law call our team of specialist divorce lawyers or complete our online enquiry form.

The cost of no-fault divorce proceedings

If you are applying for a no-fault divorce as a single applicant the cost of the divorce proceedings can be found here.

At Evolve Family Law we believe in keeping things simple so our fixed fee no-fault divorce quote includes:

  • Our legal fees
  • VAT on our fees
  • The court fee payable to the family court when the divorce proceedings are issued at the court

What our fixed fee divorce package does not include is:

  • Relationship breakdown comprehensive legal review
  • Children arrangements advice and applying to the court for a child arrangement order
  • Divorce financial settlement advice and applying to the court for a divorce financial settlement or asking the court to convert a financial agreement into a financial consent order

We offer a fixed-fee relationship breakdown review and a range of fixed fees for converting a financial agreement into a court order. For work where we can’t offer a fixed fee because we don’t know how much work is involved, we publish the hourly charge out rates of our family law solicitors. We also discuss the potential issues or complexities of any contested children law application (such as an application for a relocation order or for a prohibited steps order) or the complicated features of a financial dispute (such as the existence of a family business or an argument over pre-marriage contributions or the relevance of an international prenuptial agreement) so we can give you a bespoke quote and an idea of timescales.

Are all divorce proceedings fixed fee?

On rare occasions we can’t offer a fixed fee divorce package but, on those occasions, we can provide you with a quote so you understand our fees and the reasons why you need a bespoke quote.

Examples of when you may need a bespoke divorce quote include:

  • You do not know where your husband or wife is living so service of the divorce paperwork is not straightforward
  • Your husband or wife is living outside the UK
  • There is a dispute about which country you should get divorced in as there is potentially a choice of divorce jurisdictions
  • You want to ask the court to make a divorce costs order – this type of application is rare in no-fault divorce proceedings

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Transparency and fees

When Evolve Family Law was set up in 2015 by founders Robin Charrot and Louise Halford, they didn’t want to create just another law firm. They knew they wanted Evolve to be different with a vision to put clients (and not the fees) at the heart of what their family law solicitors do by being trusted legal advisors, and charging a fair and transparent level of fees.

What that means is that whatever the nature of your family law query you get bespoke advice tailored to your personal situation at a cost that you can understand. What do we mean by that? To give examples:

  • Robin Charrot met someone who was thinking about starting divorce proceedings. After talking through their circumstances, we realised that he didn’t actually want a divorce and there was no legal or financial reason to push ahead with one. Better for the client to wait until he was ready, whether that is in a few weeks, or a couple of years.  The answer might have been different if the client had been a business owner with an expanding company or other assets that could increase substantially in value meaning that delay was financially prejudicial to him
  • A lady was clear she wanted a divorce. She knew from the outset that her divorce costs would be a set fixed fee. That meant she could budget for the costs, without worrying about how much her divorce legal costs might add up to

Every divorce is different but our fixed fees and pricing guide are available online to give you an idea of the costs involved so that you can contact us with confidence.

For expert advice on divorce and family law call our team of specialist divorce lawyers or complete our online enquiry form.