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Do you like your lawyer? And can you trust them?

Dec 01, 2017   ·   4 minute read

These questions may sound a bit daft. However they are worth asking, because if you don’t like your lawyer, or if you don’t trust them to always do the right thing for you, it is hard to place trust and confidence in the advice they give you. Unlike any other area of law, the relationship between a family lawyer and their client is fundamental to the outcome of the case.

It is an unfortunate fact that so many people in our society have a deep set distrust of the legal profession based on the stereotypical ‘’fat cat’’ solicitor who is only interested in maximising their fees, who makes money out of other people’s misery, who costs an arm and a leg and who has an ego the size of a house.

That couldn’t be further from our ethos and vision for Evolve Family Law.

Louise Halford and I have many years of experience in large commercial law firms and so sadly we do recognise the stereotypical ‘fat cat ‘lawyer image. We have also come across many other family lawyers who fit that bill. It was precisely those experiences that led us to want to do something different. We loved being lawyers but we didn’t like the big law firm focus on fees. Don’t get me wrong, all businesses have to charge for their work otherwise they cannot survive, but more than anything we wanted to help our clients, to charge them a fair level of fees, and to build trusted relationships with them that would last well beyond their ‘case’.

The desire to do something ‘’different’’ eventually led to us creating Evolve Family Law in 2015.

A couple of months ago, Louise and I decided to sit down, think about what we had achieved so far, and think about what we wanted to achieve in the future. We wanted a vision for where Evolve would be in 5 or 10 years’ time. Many other lawyers we know would have said they wanted to be the biggest, or the top ranked, or the most famous, or the richest. That is not us. Our vision is:

“To be the most trusted and first choice legal advisors for everyone going through relationship changes”

At Evolve, clients are at the heart of all we do. Our focus is on listening, understanding, helping, giving practical, strong, sensitive and commercial advice. We don’t tell our clients what they want to hear, we tell them what they need to hear. If that advice means we lose fees, we’re fine with that. For example, a lady consulted me this week. She was keen to start divorce proceedings. However, from listening carefully to what she said about her situation, I realised she would be far better off by waiting another couple of years. No more fees for me out of her ‘case’ for the next couple of years (and maybe never, if she finds another good lawyer in the meantime) but I am fine with that, because it is the right thing for her.

All of the team at Evolve feel exactly the same way, otherwise we wouldn’t have taken them into the Evolve ‘family’.

It is this approach to getting the best outcome for clients whilst offering value for money and transparency that has enabled Evolve to grow, with the vast majority of our new work coming from existing or former clients, or their friends and contacts.

If you are going through a divorce or relationship breakdown, ask yourself whether your lawyer truly thinks like we do at Evolve. If you aren’t sure, then maybe you should give us a call.

For advice on any aspect of family law or to have a chat about options and fees please give me a call on +44 (0) 1477464020 or contact me by email at