Look North West for Your Divorce, Family Law and Private Client Needs

Sep 28, 2020   ·   5 minute read
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As divorce and family law solicitors based in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and Whitefield, North Manchester, the latest research from the Legal Services Board was of particular interest to the Evolve Family Law divorce team. At Evolve Family Law we have long thought that ‘‘North is best’’ and the official research seems to agree with us. In this blog we look at the latest Legal Services Board research findings and what they mean for those of you needing divorce, family law or private client help.

Divorce and family law fees

Research published by the UK Legal Services Board on the cost of divorce and Wills has confirmed what many Manchester and Cheshire solicitors thought, namely that legal advice is generally twenty percent cheaper in the north of England compared to legal fees in the south of England. The official research has revealed that divorce firms based in London are on average a third more expensive than those based outside London.


Manchester divorce solicitors say that the Legal Services Board research has confirmed that there really is a north-south divide when it comes to legal fees. Some may question the quality of what you get ‘’up north’’ or think that the mantra that ‘’you get what you pay for’’ must be right but the Legal Services Board research does not indicate that there is any difference in the quality of the family law legal advice that you receive depending on the location or postcode of your divorce and family law solicitor.


Divorce and fixed fees

It is always hard to judge if you are getting value for money with a fixed fee divorce or family law or Will package. However, the Legal Services Board research reveals that divorce law firms who offer fixed prices are on average over a third cheaper than those law firms where estimates of costs are given.


At Evolve Family Law we are committed to transparency on costs and providing as much information online about our fixed fees and pricing. Our cost guide can be accessed here. We also welcome calls to discuss potential legal fees.

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Should I shop around for a divorce solicitor?

The Legal Services Board advises that those with a legal problem shop around and check out potential legal fees. According to the LSB only a fifth of those needing legal advice currently look around and check out fees before committing to instructing a solicitor.


The chair of the Legal Services Board, Dr Helen Phillips has stated:

‘‘Whether buying a home, getting divorced, or making a will, we encourage people to shop around to find a good value deal that meets their needs. Unless they shop around, people risk paying far more than they need to. Where people don’t feel they need to deal with a lawyer face to face, they could make considerable savings by using providers in parts of the country where prices are cheaper.’’


The legal advice price research was commissioned jointly by the Legal Services Board, the Competition and Markets Authority and the Ministry of Justice. The research involved interviewing 1,500 legal businesses in England and Wales and included a spread of legal firms across different types of legal provider and in different locations across the country.


Is a good divorce solicitor all about price?

At Evolve Family Law, whilst we believe in transparency on legal costs and fixed fees, we also recognise that choosing a divorce solicitor or a Will or probate solicitor isn’t just about the legal fees. You need to be able to feel confident that your solicitor will listen to you and will offer you the guidance you need so you can make informed choices, whether that is about a child arrangements order application for your children or a divorce financial settlement.


Evolve Family Law recommend that in addition to looking at online information about price structures that you speak to a solicitor to make sure that you can form a trusting relationship and work together. Don’t worry about distances as divorce, Will and probate solicitors offer appointments by video conferencing, Skype or by telephone appointment. Most family law clients say that speaking to their chosen divorce solicitor in the comfort of their home is more relaxing, and according to the latest Legal Services Board research, it could also result in you achieving considerable savings in legal fees.

How can Evolve Family Law solicitors help you?

For legal help with any aspect of family or private client law, from divorce and separation advice to child arrangements order applications or representation in financial settlement and  financial court order proceedings, negotiating a prenuptial agreement or the preparation of your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney call Evolve Family Law or complete our online enquiry form to set up a meeting, video conference or telephone appointment.