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Jewish Divorce Solicitors

Jewish Divorce Solicitors

When you need divorce or family law advice it is important to go to divorce solicitors who understand your concerns and needs. With offices in Whitefield, Manchester and Cheshire our expert divorce solicitors can guide you through your civil and religious divorce and advise on all your family law queries. For expert advice call our team of specialist divorce lawyers or complete our online enquiry form. Divorce proceedings Whether you are a member of an Orthodox, Reform or Liberal synagogue, your Get may be more important to you than your civil divorce.  Our Jewish divorce solicitors recommend that you apply for both so the applications run alongside. With the introduction of no-fault civil divorce proceedings, it is harder for a husband or wife to object to a civil divorce. The other improvement in the law is that you do not need to blame your spouse for the breakdown in your relationship. To get a no-fault divorce all you need to do is file a divorce application saying that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. Your husband or wife does not need to agree with that statement for you to secure your divorce. In situations where a couple agrees that their marriage is at an end the law now allows the couple to jointly file for divorce. Not every couple can work together to obtain their divorce so our divorce solicitors can either help you as a sole divorce applicant or with a joint divorce application. No-fault divorce proceedings take around 6 months to complete. That is because the law imposes delays so you cannot progress the divorce proceedings until specific periods have elapsed during various stages of the divorce process. The divorce process involves applying for a conditional order of divorce (this used to be called the decree nisi). The civil divorce is not finalised until you get your final order of divorce (this used to be called the decree absolute). At Evolve Family Law we offer fixed fee divorce services for most divorce applications. Children law advice for Jewish divorcing couples In tough times for the community, it can be hard to find a compromise agreement over the best parenting arrangements for your children. That’s the case whether you are going through a recent separation and divorce proceedings or divorced many years ago. All parents can struggle at some point in their parenting journey about what is best for their children and as Jewish divorce solicitors we are experienced in advising on specific children law issues after a separation or divorce, such as: Whether children should be brought up in the faith and the extent of the child’s religious observance If children should be brought up Orthodox or Reform Whether the child should be brought up following strict kosher dietary compliance if one parent is not kosher Whether a child should attend a secular school Contact arrangements, Shabbat and festival days Holidays overseas and whether a holiday order is necessary because a parent objects to a child being taken on holiday to Israel or to see extended family in the Middle East Relocation orders if one parent thinks it would be best to move out of England and the other parent will not agree to the child being taken to live overseas These issues, and others, can crop up whether you are both practising or if one parent follows a different faith or has no faith. Tensions can arise making it hard to work out a compromise and agree on a parenting plan. Our family law solicitors can help you try to reach an agreement and record it in a parenting plan. If an agreement is impossible, we can help you apply for or respond to applications for: Child arrangement orders Holiday orders Relocation orders Prohibited steps orders or specific issue orders Child support or school fee orders [related_posts] Financial settlements One important element of divorce is sorting out a financial settlement and ensuring that your agreement is binding on both of you. Our family lawyers can help you with: Separation agreements Converting your negotiated financial settlement into an agreed binding financial court order Representation in a financial application for a financial court order We have substantial experience in financial settlements involving: Family money – parents or in-laws gifted or loaned money to buy the family home or to invest in the family business Family businesses where either one or both spouses and extended family work together in a family business or where a husband or wife may be an employee in the family business or an employee of a relative Family trusts where money has been advanced under trust arrangements Overseas assets ranging from holiday homes, second homes and investments The signing of a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement and the husband or the wife do not think that they should be bound by the terms of their agreement now that they are separating and getting divorced Financial settlements after an overseas divorce Situations where you suspect your spouse has not disclosed assets, transferred assets to family or friends, or undervalued their assets so you do not get a fair divorce financial settlement Our family lawyers will work with your financial advisors and accountants to ensure we understand your financial circumstances and ensure that we help you achieve a financial settlement that meets your needs. For expert advice call our team of specialist divorce lawyers or complete our online enquiry form.
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May 08, 2024   ·   5 minute read