Family Law Specialist Eluned Roberts Joins Evolve Family Law

May 25, 2023   ·   6 minute read
Family Law Specialist Eluned Roberts Joins Evolve Family Law

Evolve is expanding again with the arrival of Eluned Roberts, a specialist family and collaborative lawyer with a passion for helping couples split up amicably. She is trained to offer an amicable divorce service involving one lawyer acting for separating couples, through a process referred to as ‘Resolution Together’.


Educated and having worked in Chester and North Wales, Eluned aims to continue to help her Chester and North Wales-based clients, as well as promote Resolution Together and collaborative law as options for separating couples looking for amicable divorces in Cheshire and the Greater Manchester area.


At Evolve Family Law, we believe it is important that you know how our family lawyers work, so we asked Eluned to answer some questions on why she decided to join Evolve Family Law and her career plans and ambitions:


Why Evolve Family Law?

As a specialist family law solicitor, I knew that I wanted to find a niche family law firm to join and progress my career at. I wanted to find a family law firm that wasn’t too big or too small and one that would give me the freedom to promote amicable divorces, through Resolution Together and through supporting me in my collaborative family law practice. I also hope to train as a mediator in the future, so that I can offer clients the whole spectrum of approaches to best suit their needs and circumstances.


Evolve Family Law seemed the perfect fit – expert lawyers who are a friendly bunch of people, genuinely committed to doing what is right for their Cheshire and Greater Manchester clients


The route to family law

I have always wanted to be a family law solicitor and have been lucky enough to have been practising family law throughout my legal career. I have worked in regions across the North West, including North Wales, Greater Manchester, and then Chester.


I specialise in relationship breakdowns, including married and unmarried couples. I help resolve children and parenting disputes, as well as reaching financial resolutions and when necessary, securing financial court orders.


Eluned’s approach to family law

As a member of Resolution, the largest organisation for family lawyers in the UK, I wholeheartedly believe in the ethos of the Resolution Code of Practice, namely that wherever possible, disputes should be resolved in a constructive and non-confrontational way.


The Resolution code epitomises how I practice family law, with an emphasis on sensitive and pragmatic advice that aims to help separating couples build on what they can agree on and resolve any stumbling blocks, whether that is a disagreement on child arrangements or aspects of a financial settlement, such as how to approach  Occupation of the family home, sharing of pensions or valuing a family business.


I love my work as a family law solicitor as I am passionate about helping people through difficult times in their lives. I believe in offering separating couples the power to make an informed decision on what the right approach is for them and their family when separating.


Whilst I offer an amicable divorce service through the Resolution Together model, I am also a realist and am committed to doing what is best for clients. It is not always appropriate for couples to engage in ‘talking solutions’ such as mediation, collaborative law, or having one lawyer act for both using the Resolution Together model, for example, if there has been any domestic abuse.


I work hard to represent clients going through lawyer-led negotiations and court proceedings to ensure that they achieve a fair and positive outcome, whilst always advising on proportionate and constructive approaches. I pride myself on my ability to draft well-reasoned and bespoke proposals for settlement that help encourage a pragmatic resolution. I am also accomplished at analysing finances and identifying when experts need to be instructed to resolve disputed issues, such as when dealing with pensions or valuing an asset such as a business or farm.


What is Resolution Together?

Resolution Together is the name given to the relatively new process of one family lawyer acting for both husband and wife who want to obtain a no-fault divorce, financial court order, and, if they have children together, a child arrangement order or parenting plan.


Traditionally, the husband and wife or both civil partners would instruct their own family law solicitors to advise them separately on divorce, finances, and child arrangements matters. There can be huge benefits to a couple in having one family lawyer to advise on an amicable divorce and represent them both. The family solicitor can advise the couple in the same room on the law and the possible outcomes and help them reach an agreement. This can speed up the process and reduce costs. Once an agreement is reached, the amicable divorce lawyer can draft the legal paperwork for the couple, for them both to sign and send to the court for approval.


What gets you up in the morning?

At least one double espresso, with a few more strong coffees throughout the morning – I am not a morning person and caffeine is definitely my saviour/vice.


It sounds cheesy, but I love my job and once the caffeine has kicked in and I’ve got the kids to school and nursery, I look forward to what the day brings in work. I enjoy getting to know clients and doing everything I can to help them achieve outcomes that enable them to move forwards to a new chapter in their lives.


I am so excited to join Evolve and be able to work alongside like-minded colleagues who care about their clients as much as I do.


Is there life outside Evolve Family Law?

Working in family law can be emotionally draining so it is really important to be able to switch off from work. I love binge-watching a good Netflix series for some escapism or getting out and about in the Cheshire countryside by indulging in a hill walk with an audiobook, accompanied by my golden retriever. He brightens everyone’s day with his smile!


I also enjoy our family holidays around the UK in our caravan, with our two young children and of course our dog.


Whilst I am not very sporty (unlike my husband, who is training for an Iron Man this year) I have grown up always having played hockey. I intend to return to the hockey field soon, but am currently making the most of quality family time at weekends whilst our children still think their parents are cool enough to spend time with!


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