Shortlisted for ‘Best Family Law Firm in Manchester’

Sep 01, 2018   ·   2 minute read
Shortlisted for ‘Best Family Law Firm in Manchester’

Help us to win the award for Best Family Law Firm in Manchester in the Talk of Manchester Awards 2018!

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Anyone who knows me and the Evolve Family Law team knows that we don’t usually go in for awards. We prefer to let our work and our clients speak for us. However, one of our very happy clients put Evolve Family Law forward to receive an award for Best Family Law Firm in The Talk of Manchester Awards 2018 and we have since been shortlisted! Our winning this award depends on the number of people voting for us so please do vote today.

Helping clients make informed choices by focussing on guiding them through the confusing minefield of family and divorce law is what we do best and being recognised for this makes us extremely proud of our team’s hard work and commitment.

If you like what the Evolve team do and what Evolve Family Law stands for, please click on the link below to vote. All you have to do is enter your name and email and then scroll to Category 13. Voting closes at 5pm on 12 October

Thank you to everyone who has voted for us to far, we are very grateful for the nomination and for anyone who takes the time to help us achieve our vision “To be the most trusted and first choice advisors for everyone going through relationship changes”.

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