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How much does a Will cost?

Dec 20, 2017   ·   4 minute read

In my experience people are not confident at asking how much their solicitor will charge and equally many solicitors aren’t great at being upfront about their charges. That means some people are tempted to use non-solicitor Will writing service to prepare their Will, not realising that a bespoke Will drawn up by an experienced and regulated solicitor isn’t as much as they might fear.

Very few law firms publish price information on their websites. Evolve is one of the first law firms to publish fixed fees for the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney and a detailed pricelist so you have an idea of our charges before making a call or emailing us.

So, if you need a straightforward Will prepared for you, then the cost will be £180. There are no hidden extras. It includes VAT.

If you are married and your husband or wife needs an identical Will, then the all-inclusive cost for both Wills is £240.

If you already have a Will then you may want to get a solicitor to check and review it. That’s because family and personal circumstances change so your old Will may not be ‘fit for purpose’. An example of this is a couple thinking that their old Wills are ok in saying that money is being left to their ‘grandchildren’, not realising that the wording would exclude the newest addition to the family, who is the daughter of their son’s new wife, so a step daughter. Without the Wills being carefully re-worded, their step-granddaughter would not inherit anything. Some clients have very complex finances and business interests and need in depth advice on trusts and estate planning or on domicile. However, even if your situation is not complex, it would be easy to fall foul of inheritance tax and you may therefore benefit substantially from tax advice. If you need advice on tax structures, trusts or overseas assets then please contact us for a quote.

Many people ask how Evolve can afford to be so upfront on charges for straightforward Wills. My response is that we wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it any other way: When Evolve was set up in 2015 the firm’s vision was to put clients (and not fees) at the heart of what we do by being trusted legal advisors, who charge a fair and transparent level of fees.

For me, it means I get to work as a lawyer with happy clients who trust my advice and aren’t worried about my fees because they are always transparent. In turn, happy clients who trust us will recommend us to their friends and families.

More importantly, what does it mean for you? It means you get private client Will and Power of Attorney advice tailored to your personal situation, based on what is best for you (not us), in return for charges that you can afford and understand. What do I mean by that? To give an example, I met someone who thought they needed a new Will. I talked to him and looked at his existing Will. I realised that it was still ‘fit for purpose’ and there was no reason to prepare a new one. I told him so, and told him when he might need to come back to us. . For another lady it was essential that she sorted out a new Will quickly because she was divorcing her husband who already had a new family so it was important, to give her peace of mind, that the new Will gave her estate to their children and not him. And, if the situation is urgent, we may be able to prepare a will the same day!

Everyone’s personal and financial circumstances are different and that is why it is so important that everyone takes advice, at a cost they can understand, so that their Will or Power of Attorney meet their individual needs.

If you need a Will or Power of Attorney or want me to review your existing Will or Power of Attorney and would like to discuss your options and costs then please give me a call on +44 (0) 1477 464020 or email me at